EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

9th June 1944

Raining hard, and cold.  No ‘planes except one Thunderbolt which rose as I cycled past Severalls.  Couldn’t be worse weather for military operations.  Will give the Germans plenty of time to get their reinforcements moved up.

Busy chaotic morning, full of Labour troubles.  Meant to go home, but went to Holly Trees instead, and looked through Sir Gurney’s papers.  Tremendous rain began at 6 o’clock.  Good for crops, but bad for the troops.

Went over to the café for supper.  An alarm at 9 o’clock, but oddly enough felt no fear at all.  Heard ‘planes as I cycled to Boxted, and all-clear came just as I got there.

Councillor Ham ‘phoned to say he was releasing Stanway boys for pea-picking next week, which is beginning in the Tey district.

Wind still S. and glass only 29.3 at midnight.

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