4th June 1944

Up at 10.  Bright and cool.  Planes going out at 11, and heard a heavy explosion to the south, which shook the house.  Had a bath, and went over to Dedham to get my field-glasses.  Told them joke about an American farmer – he bought a pedigree bull, which proved useless for service.  However, it was such a fine beast that he decided to charge a dollar a head to see it.  One man came, said he wanted to see the bull, but was too poor to pay a dollar.  “Poor?” says the farmer, “Why?” “Got a big family”.  “How many?” “Twenty four.” “Christ! Come on in, I want the bull to have a look at you!”

To Horkesley at 5, to the post.  Heard that the explosion this morning was a ‘plane crash at Feering. 

Wind S.W. tonight, half a gale.

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