13th June 1944

Slept until quarter to four this morning, when wakened by sirens.  Heard a ‘plane and distant gun-fire, but did not get up.  Light at 4.  Wondered if Father woke.

Got up at 8 to find heavy rain, yet it was a fine dawn.  Cleared this afternoon.  The weather is not good for the operations in France.

Busy sorting Tiptree parish boundaries, and doing letters.  Tea with Daphne, and then to cinema to see “Madame Curie”.  Well done, but rather dull.

In the evening papers it states during the raid early this morning a ‘plane crashed at Stratford, on some houses near Coburn Road.  Also states that recently an RAF machine crashed on the island of St Kilda.  This I find particularly distressing.  To think that even if one got to a remote island in the midst of the Atlantic, even there a ‘plane must seek out this tiny blob of land, and fall whining and screaming to its end upon it.

Bed at midnight.

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