3rd June 1944

Fine and cool.  Quiet dawn.  Horses coming in from the meadow, cuckoos calling in the wood.  Curious how few cuckoos there are this year.  Called at home.  Father seems very well.

This afternoon went to the Corn Exchange.  What strange looking characters there are there, some cruel looking, some stupid, a few kind, most very ugly.  Arranged for two judges at the sugar beet singling competition which we are holding at Horkesley.

Had tea at Jacklin’s.  Very full, big crowd.  Sat with a very pretty dark girl on one side and a very deaf man on the other.  Went to see Alderman Blomfield, but nothing very important said. 

To Holly Trees, found Poulter very depressed.  Saw an exhibition arranged in the Castle called “Bombed Churches”.  Found it was actually arranged by the Congregational Churches, and illustrated only their chapels, with a photo or two of St Paul’s and the Temple Church to make weight.  Some of the captions were made deliberately misleading, such as one showing the ruins of a chapel at Southport, which said “In 1680 we founded a chapel at Southport.  In 1940 the Germans destroyed our buildings” or words to that effect, implying that the wretched shack knocked down was the original building of 250 years ago.

To Boxted at 8.  Heard gunfire and machine guns far away, in a lovely calm evening.  Moon showing through clouds, and a big  flight going out at midnight.  Dozed in the armchair, and awoke to find it was 4 o’clock, with dawn showing in the east.  Went up to bed, thankful that another night was over.

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