EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

7th June 1944

Few ‘planes out at dawn.  Dull and cold, but fine later.  They seem to have chosen rather unfortunate weather for their invasion.

Had a letter from Meg MacDougall at Inverness Museum.  Wish I was there today.  Noticed it had taken 5 days to get here and had been opened by the censor.  Fortunately the contents were quite harmless.

Tonight had tea with Diana, and then went to the Regal.  Afterwards had a coffee in the Milk Bar, and then went to supper at Balkerne Gardens.  Very pleasant evening, but at about eleven the sirens suddenly sounded.  Quite lost my head, told her I had to go to the Castle, and rushed out.  Went into Sheepen Fields, and felt terrible at what I had done.  The all-clear came about 1am and all the time the sky was full of American ‘planes, carrying navigation lights.  Walked home to Boxted and heard a burst of machine gun fire as I went by the station.  The guard parties, in their ridiculous helmets, standing on Mile End Hill.

Moon rising as I went to bed.

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