EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

22nd June 1944

Wind slacker this morning.  Carl Stephenson from Maltings came in, and said there had been a big theft of lead piping from a hut at Lexden, belonging to the Water Works, and several tons were taken.  Apparently a 6-wheel lorry was used, as can be seen from the marks in the mud.

At lunch time heard a radio talk from Snowdonia.  How I wish I was there.  Called at home.  Father seems quite unperturbed by the new bombs.  Alarm for 10 minutes at a quarter to 6, while I was there, nothing happened.  Called at Ralling’s and arranged to pick cherries there on Saturday.

Flag flying on the Town Hall today, as Alderman Percy Sanders was given the Freedom of the Borough.

Boxted at 8.30.  Wonderful smell of pinks.  Cannot make myself go to bed.

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