18th June 1944

Beautiful sunny morning, but high winds.  No ‘planes about until the afternoon.  Reading and writing until 7.30. 

This evening went to Little Rivers in Boxted, but Dodo Rose made me irritable with her solemn airs, and Stuart Rose was making fatuous suggestions about organising the Women's Land Army and War Agricultural Committees for Normandy, as if the wretched Normans had not got enough to worry about without that.

Phoebe Fenwick-Gaye is now preparing a new book, a sort of ‘garden calendar’.  Saw the format, designed by Stuart Rose, very attractive.  Phoebe Fenwick Gaye published several books on gardening after the war, based on her experiences of gardening in wartime.

Glorious evening, but strong N.E. wind.  Looked out at 2am and found heavy clouds blowing up.  Went to bed, hoping that any ‘flying-bombs’ may be blown off their course.

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