17th June 1944

Dark and cloudy morning, and few ‘planes going out.  Wished I had stayed in ditch all night, could not sleep in bed.  Breakfast very late this morning.  Gale rising, had hard job to get in against it.  Sadler [from the Writtle War Agricultural Executive Committee] came in this morning to see Captain Folkard.

Rumours around that a ‘robot’ [V1] fell in Chelmsford yesterday in the Swimming Bath.  Went to Hippodrome to see “Mr. Chips” again.  An alarm for 10 minutes just as I sat down at 2.15, but stayed where I was.  Afterwards went to see Alderman Blomfield at his office in St John Street.  Another alarm while I was there, at 5.30.  Many Fortresses were going out, and heard a very distant explosion.  Walked down to the Forces Canteen with him, in Headgate Chapel Room, which is run by the Alderman’s manager.  Had a cup of tea, and ate a sandwich or two until the ‘all-clear’ came.

To Holly Trees, and got out two prints of Jane and Ann Taylor for an exhibition which Miss Osborne of the Library is arranging.  Felt sick tonight.  Ought to have gone home, but could not face it, so went to Boxted at half past nine.  Did not feel quite so nervous tonight.  Very tired.  A great flock of ‘planes came in at 10 o’clock, and some more went out about an hour later.

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