25th June 1944

Mass of ‘planes went out soon after 5, in the dawn.  Woke me up.  Got Father tea at 8.  Wash, writing, etc.  Went off to Horkesley at 12. 

Pawsey was at the Post, and was very friendly, but I was an awful failure.  Rather strong S.W. wind, and an escaped barrage balloon came sailing along from London, no doubt cut loose by a flying bomb.  Some clouds coming up, and not many ‘planes, but what there was I failed to identify.  Glad when 5 o’clock came and I rushed home to tea.  Wrote some letters, then went to post them.  Called at Holly Trees, talked to Poulter.  Put the radio on, and heard the “Swan Lake” ballet music until Poulter said “For God’s sake turn off that rubbish”.  Stayed until 10, then went home, feeling very nervous.  Heavy explosion at 11 o’clock, shaking doors and windows.  Father spent most of the evening worrying as to whether Miss Payne will be back early tomorrow.

At midnight there was another explosion, and could hear gunfire to the south.  Then the sirens went off, and I felt in an awful panic.  Finally went to bed at half past 12.  Dozed off, woke to an alarm at 3am.  Heard the sound of a flying-bomb, heard it stop, and then a distant crash.  Crouched down in the bed.  All-clear in ten minutes.  Wondered if the night would ever end.

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