12th June 1944

Fine, brilliant morning, and S. wind.  Big air fleets going out soon after 7 o’clock. 

Committee meeting at Birch.  Much talk about the disgraceful way in which the Writtle Labour Committee are trying to transfer farm labourers from one farm to another, in a most arbitrary fashion, consulting neither the farmers concerned nor the Local Advisory Committee.  Col. Round is determined that it shall not be done in this District if he can stop it.

Maidstone came to the meeting and was introduced.  I believe he is a conscientious objector.  Many men cannot bring themselves to acknowledge it openly, as they know that to do so would mean that all work would be closed to them.  Had tea with him at the Regal.

Cycled out to Boxted in the cool of the evening.  Hay cut and cocked.

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