EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

5th June 1944

Rain during the night, but fine this morning.  Glass still down, and S.W. wind very strong.

Soon after lunch, Hugh Gray phoned from Fordham to say the road between Wormingford and Fordham running through the aerodrome had been closed by the Americans and no milk could be got out from the farms.  I tried to phone the aerodrome and Rotchfords, but all the phones were dead, and could get no reply at all.  Race and Finlay and all their families are quite shut off from the rest of the world, as are also the people in the cottages.  Most extraordinary state of affairs.  Must be something very big in the wind.

Gray said the local police had been unable to get into contact with the American commander, and all approaches were guarded by tommy-gunners.  Actually to block the road is absurd, as no part of the flying ground can be seen from there.

Went home twice today.  Father seems very well. Tonight phoned Revd Benton about Sir Gurney’s books, but he did not seem to be very interested.  Shan't bother any further.

Dull warm evening.

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