20th June 1944

Press full of stories about the awkward situations which are now arising in Normandy, where many of the people are pro-German, and a lot of women have married Germans, some with babies now 2 or 3 years old.

Brilliant day, but the wind still strong.  Hardly a ‘plane about all day, except a fighter or two, until this evening when heavy bombers began to go out.

Colonel Round came in today and handed me the Castle manuscripts and Charles Gray’s note-book.  Have now listed these completely so took the whole lot to Alderman Blomfield for the Museum Committee this afternoon.  Made it quite clear that these manuscripts are to go into the custody of the Town Clerk and not the Museum.  The manuscripts and Rudsdale's listed typescript are now in the custody of Essex Record Office. CP

Headache all day, and an awful feeling of sickness.  To Boxted at 9.  Clouds coming up, and an alarm on the aerodrome for about 5 minutes.  A fighter went over, from the N., and a boy called out “There’s one o’them things!” meaning a flying-bomb. 

Wind rising again, very strong from the N.E., but several hundred bombers went out between 9 and 10.

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