23rd June 1944

Blowing harder again, and clouds coming up.  Saw poor old Bond in High Street, one-handed, but walking briskly and looking wonderfully well.

Poulter went up to London yesterday, to the Royal Free Hospital.  Says he heard no bombs at all, and that there are no raid casualties at the Royal Free.  He was talking about Alderman Sander’s freedom – pointed out that the only people not represented at the ceremony were the hereditary freemen themselves! 

Went home this afternoon, and there was an alarm at quarter to 5, in bright sunlight, with a few fleecy clouds, and bombers going out.  Walked back up New Town Rd.  Children running about and laughing.  Little boy with a cycle, watching a Fortress go over.  Several more Forts came along, some firing red-rockets, which left trails like white worms in the sky.  Women with prams, pointing to the sky, and one saying “They must be ours.”  More ‘planes coming over, in ones and twos.  Old Polly Browne at her gate.  I went into the garden, but nobody else seemed to bother.  All-clear came in 10 minutes.

This evening went to Ardleigh, and then to Dedham, for an hour.  Went to the post at Horkesley soon after midnight.  Few ‘planes about, and could hear distant gunfire towards London.  Bed at 3am.

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