14th June 1944

Fine and cool.  Ploughing going on along Long Road.  Got in quite early this morning.  Saw a trench being cut at St Botolph’s Corner site, on Blomfield’s land, to put in a new water pipe connection to the Britannia Works, where there is an excellent section, down to about 10 feet. 

Awful row this morning about the removal of farm-workers by the Ministry of Labour.  Two girls working at Prior’s, Mile End Road, were sent in by the Labour Exchange.  Within a few minutes Prior rang up in an awful state, as well he might be.  As a matter of fact, we are actually hiring girl labour to Prior, yet the Ministry of Labour have the impudence to say that he has redundant labour.

Went to see a colour-film but it was a waste of time.  Called at Diana’s afterwards, and stayed there until half past 12.  Walked back to Boxted in a lovely evening.  It is light almost all night.  Far to the North were faint lights, as if the aurora.  Thought longingly about Inverness.

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