15th June 1944

Fine and cool.  A few Thunderbolts went out about 4.30, but after that it was quiet, so that I overslept.  Really must get up earlier.  Called at home.  Father a bit down again.

Saw some Dutch sailors in High Street, one of them Javanese, all chattering Dutch together.

Hay on the cock at Boxted, men and women raking and turning.

An alarm at 8.35pm for above 5 minutes, but nothing happened.  It was cloudy, with ‘planes going out high and invisible.  Looks like more rain.  Another alarm at midnight, but again nothing happened.  Went outside and found rain just beginning, but it soon stopped.  We don't want any more rain till the hay is in, but it does keep the raiders away.  Slept downstairs until nearly 4, then went up to bed.

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