8th December 1943

Foggy day.  Did not feel well, and decided not to go to London.  Got steadily worse all day, continually sneezing.  Not a dry handkerchief anywhere.  Find difficulty in reading.  Cannot concentrate.   I think this is definitely influenza.

No sign of Jacquie, which annoyed me as I had got a nice tea ready for her.  Decided to go to Ida’s soon after 9, and of course there she was, worn out with her journey from Southampton.  She seemed very glad to see me.  Stayed a few minutes, and then cycled back in the fog.  Feel frightfully chilled.

Wished I could have gone to the Royal Archaeological Institute meeting at Burlington House.  I should liked to have spoke about William Wire, as he was an ardent correspondent of the RAI when it was first founded.

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