4th December 1943

Felt better.  Weather completely changed again – brilliant sunshine, but very cold.  Put on my new green stockings – very smart.  Got in early, found letter from Margery regretting she cannot have Father for a visit – in case he might fall ill.  Poor old Father.  Fortunately I had said nothing whatever to him about a holiday.  

Ella keeps on going in and out of the house every day, throwing things out of cupboards.  I am keeping away from her, as I know we should only quarrel.

Went to Corn Exchange at 1.30, to attend interview of men for foreman’s job at Abbots Wick.  Four attended.  Fear they have picked the wrong one, a much too talkative man.

Called at Seymours, to thank Mrs Seymour for a kind letter she had written about Mother.  Heard all about poor old Jones’ death.  It was cancer on the liver.  Well, Mother was spared that, anyway.  Mrs Seymour’s father was taken bad on Wednesday last, and is not expected to live.

Called at Dedham on way out.  Brilliant moonlight night, but no planes about.  I wonder if they are raiding Germany tonight?

Brass band playing carols faint and far in the distance tonight.  Heard carols on the German radio too.

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