15th December 1943

Fine though cloudy.  On the Suffolk side, people still hard at work on sugar-beet, carting to gateways and roadside verges.

Went up town, called at Benham’s, and heard that Father had actually been up as far as Woolworth’s, he hasn’t been so far since before Mother died.  Went to Rallings to tea for half an hour.

Called at Holly Trees.  Went upstairs with Poulter to see a portfolio of drawings, prints and MSS by Isaac Taylor, which he had just found behind a book case in Benton’s room.  Two very nice sets of illustrations to Josephus.  Wish I had time to examine them and collate them with the material which the Museum acquired in 1928.

This evening went out to Lawford before going to Higham, and had a long drink of fresh milk.  Chatted to Joy and Parry for an hour, and got to Higham at half past 9, very dark, low thick clouds.  The light was not on and Jacquie and Mrs Roe were entertaining an American.  Mrs. Roe’s suitcase has been found – the Marines stole it and had it near Boxted.

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