EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

14th December 1943

Rather late this morning.  Fine and cold, hard white frost, fog in the valleys, trees black outlined in white.  A great swarm of rooks flying off from Gunhill.

Just over the Borough Boundary, a badly smashed car by the roadside, with its lights burning, apparently been there all night.

Received the bill for Mother’s funeral - £20-5-0.  Quite a lot of money.  This includes the burial fee.

Saw Ella this morning, as bossy and aggressive as ever.  Find that she has taken over all Mother’s clothes.  I was furious.  Went to Rallings to tea but said nothing about it to Father.

Very cloudy all day, and had hopes it would be a filthy night, but by the time I reached Birchwood the stars were glittering, and a ruddy smear to the east showed where the moon would rise.  However, no planes about.

Went up to the Pentons’ at Lark Hall, Holton, and had supper there.  The house is delightful, full of lovely things.  Looked right through Jack Penton’s book [John Penton was an artist and book illustrator].  The eerie magic of the pictures is astonishing.  They gave me some milk to take away, as I have had none since Friday.  

About 9, the Raydon Salvation Army Band came along playing old carols in the frosty night.  It made me think of Mother, who always loved to hear carols.

Got back to Higham about 11. Cloudy again.  Annoyed and alarmed to find the light working again, first time for about a month.  Even more annoyed to find that Jacquie had dismantled the oil stove, so that I was unable to make a hot drink.


Anonymous said...


The funeral of Rudsdale's mother would be the equivalent of £781.91 today. So not much of a change over the years.

Mike Dennis

E J Rudsdale said...

Thank you Mike, I hoped you would be able to provide this information for us. The proportional cost stays the same despite being 70 years later. It makes an interesting comparison. Thanks and best wishes, CP