29th December 1943

More fog, and cloudy.  No planes about all day.  Called at Rallings at 5, stayed till 6, Father has got a slight cold.  Then went to Dedham to tell Sissons about my visit to Thorington Hall.  Mrs Sisson was suddenly very pessimistic about the whole thing, and prophesised all sorts of troubles with Mrs Tricher and Mrs Burton, Penrose’s housekeeper.  Tricher has not yet spoken to Sisson, and I hope Sisson will put in a good word for me when he does, in spite of what Mrs Sisson said.

It was suggested that I should take a room permanently at one of the Dedham inns, but I do not fancy the idea very much.  However, I must get in somewhere, as the light was on again tonight, and I could not sleep for nervousness and anxiety.  Soon after midnight a plane passed over from the East, and I saw that fog and clouds were clearing so that Orion shone brilliantly over the South.

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