EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

24th December 1943

Friday, Christmas Eve
Holiday today, so lay late.  Brilliant cloudless day, but fog coming up.  To Colchester in the evening dusk. People cycling back from town, carrying parcels, holly and mistletoe, taking no notice of the bombers, the sun sinking in scarlet flame over the flat fields.

Went to Holly Trees to get my money, and gave Poulter a ship in a bottle from Mrs Sisson.  Hardly spoke to him before Hull came across the Park and I fled.  He seems to smell me out, whenever I go there.

Collected parts of oil stove for Conrans, and then to Winnock Lodge for tea.  Whole family there from Leigh on Sea.  Joan Ralling quite tall and grown up now.  I do not get on at all with young people, and found the meal very trying.

Left at 7.30.  Foggy.  Could hear screams of American soldiers in the High Street as I went down East Hill.  A lot of traffic on Ipswich Road, mostly lorries and taxis taking Americans into town.  Fog thickening, no planes about.

Had another “bomb nightmare” in the early hours today, the first for some months.  Dreamt I was in the front garden at Winnock Road, on a very dark night, listening to a plane diving down towards the South.  Then there were two big bomb-bursts behind the Rallings' house and I woke up, sweating as usual.

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