EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

10th December 1943

Felt better, but headache, in fact ached all over, but cough practically gone.  Did not sleep much before 4am, but slept then until 9.  Wakened by birds, the sound of the cows coming up, the postman’s knock.  Jacquie brought me a cup of tea.

Jacquie went off to her sister-in-law’s to lunch, dressed in spotted fur-coat and trousers, like a little Eskimo.

Another disaster – the cooking stove has gone wrong.

The sun came out, the first time we have seen it since Monday, but the weather was very cold.  A lot of planes flying about.

Just as we were settling down for a quiet evening, there was a tremendous commotion at the door, and in came Jacquie's mother, Mrs. Roe.  In the middle of this heavy firing began, not that she took any notice of it.  For once I was not particularly frightened, although I found it less easy to attend to Mrs Roe’s never ending stream of chatter.  Got to bed at 10, thankful to get away from Mrs R.

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