7th December 1943

Rather foggy.  No planes about at all.  Cold.  Began to feel ill this afternoon.  We had a staff meeting, not very good.  Captain Folkard spoke a good deal but never got down to rock bottom.  Labour is at the bottom of 80% of our troubles, but nobody ever goes down to the bottom to see what is really wrong.

Got away at 5.30, went round by Dedham.  Foggy, stars very faint.  Stayed at Sissons, feeling very queer until 10.30.  As I went across the valley the fog and cloud slid away and the moon shone out.  Hope there is no raid tonight.

Got tomorrow off to go to the Centenary Meeting of the Royal Archaeological Institute.  Captain Folkard said “Well, I suppose it won’t happen again for another 100 years.”

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