23rd December 1943

Fine but cloudy.  Got in very early.  The girls all in a great way about getting ready for an office party tonight.  District Officer went out with a grin, “to get out of the way”, but Walling made himself very unpleasant, and shouted and raved at Daphne, who was reduced to tears.  Jupp sprang to Daphne’s aid, and told Walling to shut up.  Thankful I was not staying to the party.

At lunch at Culver Street today two tall dark Czech soldiers came in, with a thin, red haired boy I have seen around the market.  He looked very frightened, and one of the men kept pawing his arm.  They all had lunch together, the Czechs jabbering together.

Quite clear, tonight.  Took Hampshire tobacco and then on to Lawford, and took Joy and Parry “Roman Portraits”.  Her cousin and family were there.  The cousin’s husband is a a Home Guard officer, and he and Parry were talking quite seriously about the chances of a German invasion in March or April!  Parry is the arch-pessimist.

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