12th December 1943

Dull grey morning.  Lay very late.  I did all the fires and most of the washing up, and at last managed to get away to Dedham to find out what had happened there in the air attack.  Heard that a Mrs Coombes, wife of a smallholder at School Corner, who has frequently been in the office, died in the raid.  His house is gone and several others nearby.

Apparently the Long Road at Dedham was mistaken for the runway of Langham Aerodrome, and was bombed deliberately by 6 or 7 machines.  25 high explosives fell and many incendiaries, but Mrs Coombes and her baby were the only casualties.  Poor Coombes was saying only a week ago how his wife would help him in the seed-garden he intended to start.  Glad I was not at Lawford that night.

Had tea and supper at the Sissons'.  Feel I overstay my welcome, but the comfort and company is so great I cannot break away.

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