22nd December 1943

Late in, overslept.  District Officer said he hoped I should keep better hours after Christmas.  Felt myself going very red.

Recently the figures were published of raid casualties in November – 119 dead.  This is very curious, as every one was saying that between 200 and 300 were killed in a London dance hall on November 6th.  Also recently announced that about 5,000 have been killed by road accidents.  This arouses nothing like the horror of 100 raid deaths.

Heard tonight that one evening recently a policeman from Stratford came up to see the Americans at Higham about a stolen bicycle.  As he walked across the field towards the hut one of the Americans fired at him with a Tommy-gun, without stopping to ask any questions.  The policeman was justifiably annoyed.  What amusing times we live in.

Throat bad again today, but not very much.  Feel rather depressed.  Thankful that Father is safe and warm for Christmas.

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