EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

18th December 1943

Woke up early, had breakfast in bed in the warm.  Low clouds and light rain.  The beacon still flashing at 8 o’clock.  Mrs Roe packing up and preparing to leave.  Got in by 9.  Even then it was hardly light.  Everybody busy, all morning, and much to do about Women's Land Army girls faking timesheets.  Fortunately they are incapable of making a good job of it.

This afternoon to tea with Diana Davis, most enjoyable.  Arranged to see her again on Tuesday.  Heavy rain when I left at 6, but blowing behind me.  Uncomfortable, but means a quiet night.  Went by Boxted, passed old Diggers’ horse and cart on the Straight Road, lamps swinging in the rain.  Supper and early bed.  Conran arrived this morning.  Mrs Roe gone, thank God.

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