EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

3rd December 1943

Felt dreadful.  Splitting headache and a shattering cough which completely exhausted me.  Found a pouring wet morning, so decided not to go in.  Got up at 9.30, lit the fire, and spent most of the day dozing in an armchair.  Had a letter from Jacquie Conran, to say she will be back next Wednesday.  She does not seem to have had my last letter, and asks how Mother is getting on.

Headache went after a time, so I decided to go in to see Father, as he would be anxious.  Got there in time for tea, and came back straight away afterwards.  Father seemed very well.

Very dark night, with heavy clouds, so I suddenly decided to go to Lawford before I went back to Higham.  Joy and Parry were very glad to see me, and Joy gave me a beautiful pair of green woollen stockings, which are almost impossible to get now.  Dear kind Joy.  I must get her something nice for Christmas.

As I went back to Higham the clouds rolled away, and the moon shone out.  No planes about, but a few searchlights weaving about. 

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