20th December 1943

Heard guns in the middle of the night, and a distant all-clear.  Fine bright morning, crescent moon.  Miss Ralling told me there had been two short alarms in the night, at 2 and 6.  Father never heard the second one.

Felt anxious all day, as it was so fine and I knew the beacon would be alight tonight.  A good many planes going out this morning.  Left at 5.30 tonight, and went to Dedham, thin cloud coming up, and the noise of heavy planes to the NW.  Saw Sisson who was very agreeable to my suggestion to move to Thorington Hall.  Said he would see Mr Tricher.  There are 4 people in the home now, but 15 rooms.  The Trichers use the ground floor only.

Saw the light flashing as soon as I reached Stratford Church.  Felt so nervous I contemplated going back to Colchester or to Boxted, anywhere.  Walked in the garden half an hour before going in, then drank tea and felt more settled.  Long to get away, though.  Conran very affable tonight.

Infuriating to think how this little home has been ruined for me.  High hopes of Thorington Hall.  Shortest day tomorrow.  From now on every day will have a few more seconds of daylight.

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