1st October 1943

Warm, cloudy, sun breaking through.  Chestnuts at Higham Green have suddenly turned orange and yellow, almost overnight it would seem.  In rather late this morning, as we sat talking last night until nearly one o’clock.

Went out to have my haircut.  How busy the streets appear, yet there is so little to buy.

In the paper tonight that old Hindes is dead.  Saw him a month ago.  He often came in to see Poulter.  He was 80.  A good many In Memorium notices for people killed in raids in 1940 and 1942.  Perhaps Oct. 1943 will be quiet like 1941.  Then we must look out for 1944!

Back to Higham early, spent evening writing.  I have been sleeping much better, but had bad stomach pains last night, about 3 a.m.

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