4th October 1943

Cloudy, strong SW wind.  Rather cold.  (No trouble to get up but have no clock).

There was another alarm last night, but I knew nothing about it.  Clouds cleared, and at 10 o’clock the sirens wailed out.  I felt myself pale until I suddenly realised it was the new monthly test.  As the noise died away there was a sound of planes and a heavy explosion.  Wondered what would happen if an attack coincided with a test.

To Birch this afternoon, first time for a month.  Saw Joanna’s baby, tiny, blue-eyed, long headed.  I said to Joanna, “he’s a dolichocephalic like a Highlander.”  She replied “I don't wonder – he was started in Scotland!”  She presided at tea – looking lovely, and as kind as ever.  Nothing much at meeting.  Percival now in Ireland.  How I envy him - Saturday night in Essex – Sunday night in Dublin.

Got away fairly early and back to Higham by 7.  Very lonely in the cottage.  Heavy flight of planes went out about 8 o’clock.  What poor devils are suffering tonight?  Fed the cat, listened to the radio, to German music mostly.

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