EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

2nd October 1943

Lovely day, big drifting clouds.  Leaves and conkers on roads.  Captain Folkard in a very good mood today.  Got out 1.15pm and went to the market to see the sale of the East Essex Hunt stuff. Old Simon was there, Claridge, Joy and Parry and Grubb.  Poor Grubb looking dreadfully haggard and old.  Joy bought a useful saddle £2.10, but the stuff was fairly dear, saddles up to 7:10.0, (no leathers and girths), halters (35/), bridles (old) £2. - 113 lots.  Don't know why the stuff is being sold – thought hunt would carry on.

Three gyppo turnouts outside the Marquis, Hampshire came running out, insisted I had a drink.  Bar full of dealers and gyppos.  Smart traps driving east, away from the market.

Just had time to rush home, eat, and back to Albert Hall for Repertory Show – “She was too Young”, Good, but a little slow, well acted.  Yvonne Coquelle was Bette, Welsh maid, but could not manage Welsh accent, or intonation nor could Thomas, the butler.

Afterwards had tea tete a tete with Diana in Balkerne Gardens.  Lovely in setting sun.

Out to Higham.  At Birchwood, planes began to go out in a steady stream, dreadful roar.  It drives me mad, thinking who is to be killed in an hour or two.

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