17th October 1943

Wakened in a grey rainy dawn by the sound of many planes, flying high above the wet clouds – the Americans going out again, unusually early.  Never known them to go out in rain before.  Slept again, and at last got up at 10 to bath and breakfast.

Settled down to writing.  Should have gone over to Joy’s this afternoon, but left it too late.  Pity as the rain had cleared, and it was fine and sunny.  I have a strange reluctance to move away from my little house.  I would cheerfully sit here day after day with the little cat, writing, reading, drinking tea, seeing no-one, hearing only the voices on the radio.  (Listened to Radio Calais and the BBC today, but no mention of Americans going out this morning).  Tonight clear and starlight, a few planes about going out.  Searchlights practice about 8.

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