5th October 1943

Dull but warm.  I am beginning to like this place.  I get up at 7.30, cut bread and marmalade, boil water to shave.  I eat breakfast before electric fire listening to radio.  Give the cat some milk.  Then wash and shave, put on kettle for tea.  Drink 3 cups, leave about 8.30, and away down the hill as fast as I can go.  The milk is excellent, and I get it fresh from the cow.

Autumn is falling, the roads covered with leaves and horsechestnuts, gleaming balls of mahogany.

This morning had to go out to Birch Aerodrome again.  The Chairman and Gardiner Church there.  The old Chairman very annoyed and made tactless remarks.  When we came out, saw a herd of bullocks being chased across the aerodrome.

George Faulds sale at Birch Holt, dead stock laid out in meadow.  Mostly rubbish, 2 old tractors etc.  Women's Land Army girls arranging stuff.  

Got lift to Rectory Cross road, ate blackberries then picked up v. old Daimler lorry.  Could only get into top gear going downhill.  Back to Colchester by 1pm.  Hostel supervisor phoned to warn girls that food was poisoned.  Great excitement phoning Halsall, where girls were working.

Home to tea, then back to Holly Trees and talking to Poulter till 6.30.  To Higham by 7.15.  Very dark and cloudy.  Quiet evening, supper, radio, reading.  Did no work.  Must get busy, but lack a desk and bookshelves.

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