EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

6th October 1943

Fine, warm.  Great masses of cloud floating over in front of south-west wind.  Got up at 7.  This afternoon visit from John Chambers, skipper of the Golden Belt barge, a most singular character, trained as an opera singer, and then went as a barge mate, finally buying his own barge.  He freelances up and down the East coast.  I long to go with him to London, but dare I?  There are many mines around the Thames.

He broadcasts on the BBC to America on shortwave, and was seeking information about Colchester to write an article for the “Listener”.

Several companies of strange troops marched in this afternoon wearing battle dress and American type helmets.  Possibly parachute troops.

Left Colchester at 7.30 and had only just reached Higham when there was an alarm, planes roaring and diving, but no bombs.  All-Clear in 15 mins.  Then persistent rain began.

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