EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

30th September 1943

Damp and warm, drifting clouds but cleared at times.

Saw a red squirrel run across Gun Hill.  As I came in, found 6 steers in the road near Blackbrook, and chased them into a stubble field.  Went to lunch at Culver Street.  As I walked in, the 1 o’clock news was coming over, and the announcer said Tom Newman, the billiards champion, died today.  He was in the next bed to Poulter at the Royal Free Hospital, and had the same complaint – cancer in the throat, but Poulter got better.

Received Herald Cymeag with full account of my visit – “Gecye Borrov yr Ail”.  Dear old Carredoq.

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