24th October 1943

Wakened by George bringing the cows up.  Thick fog.  Breakfast at 9.30, spent the morning reading, writing, radio, bath, chores etc.  Sun came out.  Distant bangs of Home Guard at mortar practice.  A lot of American planes over.  The USAF seem to have recovered from the Schweinfurt disaster.

Went off at 2.30 to Lawford and spent the afternoon trying to make the Arab go quietly.  He still won't go up hill.  We had a lot of bother, but got him going eventually.  In a tussle on Jupes Hill he trod heavily on Joy’s foot, and hurt her considerably.  However, it was a very pleasant afternoon, and I much enjoyed driving him through Ardleigh and Lawford.  Drove in calves and then had tea.  Left at 8.30, just as gunfire was beginning towards Harwich, but the plane which was being shot at dropped a red flare, a yellow, and then a red and yellow together.  There was no alarm, and as fog was rising I felt comparatively safe.

Got to Higham church just as 9 struck.  Another weekend gone, so quickly too.  Fed the cat, got supper, more writing and then bed.  No sound but the dripping of water from the trees and the distant grinding of a lorry going up Gunhill.

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