19th October 1943

Poulter came in this morning and said without preamble – “Alderman Sam Blomfield’s son has been killed”.  Arthur, Molly’s twin, a Wing Commander.  I never saw him.  He was a professional airman, having joined the RAF in 1935.  He gained his first experience of aerial warfare by bombing the native settlements in the Waziristan campaign.  I am afraid this will affect Molly very badly.  He was her twin.

Hervey Benham told me on Friday that the Sir Gurney Benham had written his Colchester & County Notes for the "Essex County Standard" every week, ill or well, since August 1884 [but could write them no more owing to having had a stroke]. 

An alarm tonight, in the midst of wind and rain, but nothing happened.  There is still no mention of the US Airforce on radio, nor has there been since the disastrous raid on Schweinfurt.  Papers talk of US preparing their Airforce for activity in the Spring.

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