30th October 1943

Still fog.  This has been a wonderful week.  Wish it could be foggy until the end of the war.  Absolute chaos at the office all morning, crowds of people in and out.  Police rang up about the ex-Land Army girl who has set up a brothel, to ask if we would pay her fare to Oxford?  I said - Certainly not - try the Women's Land Army Secretary.

This afternoon got rations and went down to see Culley at Jarmin Rd, but he was away.  Soldiers and boys fishing in the Mill Pool at Middle Mill.

Called at Springgate Ardleigh. Old Bob looked rather thin, but active.  Went to Dedham, paid for my bread at Eleys, and went to see Sisson about Harvey’s Farm.  He phoned the builder, Tricher, who agreed to help, if we would let him have a few loads of tiles and slates.  Mrs. Sisson told me about Professor Ermian’s plan to make Flatford Mill into a cultural centre.  An excellent idea.

Back to Higham.  Wireless was dead, and in a few minutes I heard sirens.  Then there was distant gunfire, but the alarm lasted only a few minutes.  No planes near here.  Settled down for a pleasant weekend.

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Jane said...

Indeed Flatford Mill is still used as a cultural/education centre today. I remember staying in Willy Lotts Cottage whilst on a field study week with School and we used the Mill buildings for our studies.