26th October 1943

Fine day, though chilly.  Ploughing teams out at Stratford with Suffolk horses.

Heard from Air Ministry that Harvey’s Farm, Wormingford is to be demolished.

The distant gunfire last night must have been guns at Dover, which I see from the papers were firing at a convoy in the straits.

A woman came in this afternoon to say that she was the owner of a flat in St John Street, in which her daughter-in-law and one of the Women's Land Army girls had set up a brothel.  This girl was dismissed 5 weeks ago and was told to go to Oxford, where she never went.  The woman was very perturbed, and said what were we going to do about it? – “Americans in and out all night.”  I said we could do nothing, but Spencer got very busy, phoning to the Women's Land Army at Writtle.

Tonight fog coming up, stars faintly twinkling, smell of frost in the air.  

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