25th October 1943

Fog, but not very thick.  Busy all day, hardly a moment to think.  Went up to see the new offices in New Town Road.  We hope to move in next week.  It will be strange to be so near home [ie: Rudsdale's parents' home at Winnock Road in New Town].

Back to Higham by 6.30.  Felt rather well tonight.  Writing and listening to radio, when about quarter to 8 all English stations faded.  Looked out, and saw Raydon searchlight flashing in the thick fog.  No sound of planes, and radio normal in 20 minutes.

Later heard distant gunfire, which kept on intermittently for an hour or more. The fog is thickening, so we may hope for a quiet night.

The weather is really wonderful.  In spite of the rain last week we are still drilling.  500 acres of wheat have been put in already, besides barley.  

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