8th October 1943

Up early.  Lovely day, leaves turning and falling.  The virginia creeper on All Saints Rectory is now absolutely crimson.  Thankful to find that nothing occurred in Colchester last night.  According to the papers the attack was mainly on London, but the 1 o'clock wireless belittles its.  London papers arrived on time.

Poulter talking about fire-guards.  He went out last night, and found everything in chaos.  There is no doubt that the new scheme is the most disastrously incompetent affair yet conceived, and in event of bad raids will lead to a great increase in damage.  An officer from the Regional Commission Office, Cambridge, called yesterday, and inspected both the Castle and Holly Trees.  He was extremely rude to Poulter who described him “as a man of the lowest type”.

Great chatter about Councillor Smallwood withdrawing from Mayoralty, in place of Councillor Pye.  It is thought that Sir Gurney Benham wrote to him.  Was this because Sir Gurney Benham feared that as Mayor, Smallwood might stir up trouble at the Museum?

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