EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

1st April 1945 - Easter Sunday

Reading and writing all morning, then down to see Warby again.  Ponies being ridden and driven up and down Clarkson Avenue.

Packed all the complete plates and bowls, and listed coins from which there appears to be another Emneth hoard, found less than a quarter of a mile from that which we already have.  There are about 80 of them, the majority Postumus.  Query – could these hoards, which occur so frequently, have been left by people fleeing from Brancaster in the face of early Saxon Raids?

Called at Bullard’s to see more pottery, which Warby says he has, but he was not there.

Had tea at the Limes.  Some people there from Bury, talking about the recent machine-gunning.  ‘Divers’ are over the town quite frequently.  Left at quarter to 11.  A strong gale, driving thick clouds, and every prospect of a quiet night.

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