3rd April 1945

Fine, but a cold biting wind.  Very busy all day.  Started a catalogue of Warby’s pottery, as a beginning to cataloguing all the Romano-British pottery in the Museum.

Another letter from Ann today, only posted in Inverness yesterday morning.  Says she feels better and is back at work.

Poor old Edwards in again, looking quite dreadful.  When he stands he has great difficulty not to fall over.  The result of the appeal for his testimonial is very disappointing – only 5 members out of the 20 on the Committee has replied, and the money so far amounts to about £15, of which £10 comes from Miss Peckover, and £3 from Southwell.  They should have got at least £50.

This evening went to see old Pearson to talk over the suggestion that the time of the Annual Meeting should be changed.  It is obviously absurd to maintain this custom of having it at 12 midday, when nobody can come.  I suggested 4.30 or 5, and that tea should be served.  He more or less agreed, but said we shall never move the Committee.  However, we will try on Monday.  Also talked of my idea to get another Carnegie Grant for the Museum – perhaps £250?  Told him of the possibility of publishing an account of the Roman Fens.

Called at Mrs. Osborne’s on the way back – she has been very ill, but is better.  Brilliant starlight night – cold, and a lot of aircraft moving about.  Evening paper reports that there have been no rockets or ‘divers’ since Wednesday. Can this really be the end?

Bed at midnight.

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Duncan Bennie said...

Hi,these entries are really fascinating me. Especially the grapefruit comment in the entry for 28 March, as my great grandmother had moved from Ipswich to South Africa in 1928. The rest of her family was still in Ipswich at the time of the war so this is really helping with knowing what was going on at the time. Can't wait to see if there is anything on 28 April, as I am sure that was the date that my great great grandfather was killed in the raid when a bomb hit their bus as he was traveling home from work