6th April 1945

Heavy explosion about 2am, when a lot of ‘planes were going over.  Busy day, much delayed by Curtis Edwards, who stayed nearly 2 hours.  This afternoon paid some money over to Girling, who insisted on opening and counting all the 5/- copper bags, in spite of my having signed them.

Have had no letter from Colchester, but the Colchester Gazette came today.  Nothing much in it.

Very cold all day, and began to rain at teatime.  No Arts Club tonight, but at the next meeting there will be an awful “inquest” on the absurd dance which the Club held recently.  It was a complete failure, only about 40 people went.

Spent the evening at the Swifts’, bitterly regretting the waste of time, but much enjoying myself.

News continues of the allies still advancing, but it seems that no surrender is possible – Churchill has seen to that.  We hear that Queen Victoria’s great-grand-daughter has been turned out of her castle, Schloss Norder Kirchen, by the U.S. forces, and the Count-Bishop of Munster has deplored the obstruction of his palace and cathedral.  On this side, the Bishop of Gloucester has protested against the present dreadful gloating over the destruction of Germany and its art treasures, but what is his voice among so many?

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