27th April 1945

Fine but cold.  Left on 11.10 for Cambridge.  Went to the Archaeology Museum, where all is still in confusion.  Went to the Mill Lane rooms to hear Sir Cyril Fox talk on the wonderful finds in Llyn Cenig, Yuys Fon, which he did very well indeed.  The amount of material recovered is amazing, and the condition of the iron work is so good that it is almost impossible to realise its true age.  Afterwards had the chance to talk to him for a few minutes about the slave chains in the Mithraeum, of which he had no note or record.  He seemed very well and full of energy.  Did not like to ask after Iorwerth Peate, in view of what had happened at Am. Gen. in these recent years.  Dr Iorwerth Peate, a Curator at the National Museum of Wales had been dismissed from his post by Sir Cyril Fox for registering as a conscientious objector but was reinstated by the Museum's Board of Governors.
Left Cambridge on the 5.12, got to Colchester just after 7.30.  Cycled out by way of Boxted to Dedham.  Great activity on the aerodrome.  Full moon tonight.  Sisson made me very welcome, had supper and went to bed at 11, after the most delightful chatter.

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