12th April 1945

There was rain all last night, and this morning everything was wonderfully green and sweet.  Fine and warm all day.  Had a letter from Father, 3 and a half pages, dear old man.  Answered at once.  Also had a letter from Poulter, asking my advice as to whether he should go to Winchester, which he has again been offered.  If he does leave it would really be the end of the Colchester Museum, as he is the last link with the saner, happier times.  Yet – should he be expected to stay there, enduring the insults and bad manners of Hull.  Must think this out.

“Colchester Gazette” came, from which we learn that old Dr Campbell of Layer Marney Towers is dead.

Had the windows cleaned, for the first time for a year.

Tonight took Jessie Swift to the orchestral concert in the Queen’s School.  It was really very good indeed.  Very funny incident – the programme included “Eine Kleine Nacht Musik”, which by what I imagined to be a printer’s error was written “Keine”.  To my delight, when the item was announced, the conductor actually read it out as “Keine”!

Walked home in a pleasant warm evening, under the stars.  Had a cup of coffee at the Swifts and then to bed.

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