2nd April 1945 - Easter Monday

Windy, but sunny.  Museum shut.  Went to the Office, wrote a letter to Penny of the ARP about the Museum furniture which they have, and suggested that we have a talk.  Went up to the North Brink to Mrs. Shucker’s, with a message from Charlotte Osborne about the Art Club dance.  Several ponies out, a trap or two, fields of blowing daffodils.

This afternoon went to Walton Dam with the Swifts’, the Osbornes’ and the Shuckers.  Did not enjoy myself, watching the silly ball games  Withdrew, lay on the river bank, and watched the trains go by on the far side.  Had a very nice tea, and back to Wisbech, past the sweetly smelling blossom of the plum orchards.  When we came out, there was a wedding at West Walton, and the bells were pealing merrily.

Went back to the Shuckers’, which was a mistake.  Mrs. S. brought out large quantities of strong drink.  Mrs. S. was working on the dance decorations, which I privately thought were terrible.  Light until half past nine.  Many ‘planes about tonight, and searchlights flickering up here and there.  The Germans are said to be pulling out of part of Holland, but the press reports are vague and contradictory.

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