18th April 1945

Yet another fine hot day.  Press hard put to find a reason for the postponement of Churchill’s “end of the war”.  It seems (reading between the lines) that two or three factors have been overlooked, viz:
1)                  The Germans
2)                  The Americans
3)                  The Russians

All the papers make a great deal about the air manoeuvres over London last night, or rather couple of nights.  First the Americans spent several hours flying bombers over the city, very low, then the RAF came over “in force”, dropping flares.  Apparently everybody was much alarmed, and there have been some curious references to the affairs in Parliament.  This morning, between 11 and 12, about a hundred Forts and Liberators circled at 4000 feet or so, S.W. of the town.  Are these “demonstrations”?  If so, whom are they directed against?

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