19th April 1945

Fine and warm.   Very odd thing – an auction sale in the Market Place of the furniture and fittings from Jackson’s old office.  Amongst them were sold several dozen deed-boxes, with the names of old Fen families and estates painted on them.  One had belonged to the Revd. Caliphronas of West Walton, the Greek who was a friend of Chauncey Hare Townshend, and another had the name of Ald. Girling’s father.  There is quite a lot of chatter about this, as it was felt to be rather indecent to expose private boxes, even through empty, to a public sale.  People have of course no idea of the way in which the firm had treated the contents of those boxes.

Spent most of the day sorting and listing the MSS and other material which we recovered on Monday.

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